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  Module 1 - Introduction


In Module 1 you will learn what the Reskin Course covers and why building an app business is a great longterm investment. Our host introduces himself and how he got into developing over 1400 skins. Lets get started!

  • What You're Going to Learn 00:30
  • Quick Introduction to Carter Thomas 06:15
  • The 80/20 Rule06:54
  • Building an App Business7:40
  • Business Fundamentals and Principles08:25
  • Think About This (Business Example)09:20
  • Lifestyle as an App Developer10:40

Questions to Ask:

  • How many skins do you want to develop Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3? It could be 1-5, or 10-50. But it's important to have a goal and some sort of measuring system.
  • How will you continue to grow your skins and business AFTER this course? Start thinking of continued learning practises and resources.
  • What is your exit plan?
  • What are the 3 biggest obstacles keeping you from your goals?


  • The number of skins you develop per month should be based on what you and your team are capable of and the ROI of the project.
  • App Development is always evolving and so should you. Checkout the Resources section for a list of News and Development sources to help stay on top of your game. One of the most important resources are other people. Get envolved in a development community.
  • Create a business strategy that aligns with your exit plan. Your exit can be to create 1,000 apps, sell your company, find partners, etc...
  • Write down the 3 biggest concerns and barriers you have with skinning apps (Ex: Never developed an app before, dont know how to systematize, don't have a trusted developer that can handle this workload.)