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  Onboarding Instructions

Welcome to the Fast Track Program, we're pumped you're here!!

Our goal with the Bluecloud Fast Track Program is to provide you with step-by-step guidance to not just help publish your apps, but create a successful app business (without breaking the bank).

There’s a couple things to point out to get you started with your exclusive membership.

The first thing you should do is send a request to our private VIP Bluecloud Select Mastermind group. This is where you can ask any questions related to apps and network with app experts. To get access to the mastermind group, follow the instructions in the “How to join the mastermind.”

Secondly, we send out emails every Tuesday or Wednesday to prepare you for our weekly Fast Track coaching calls with Carter. Q&A sessions usually take place on Fridays at 10am PST.

If you have a question you’d like Carter to answer, just click on the “Ask Carter A Question” tab and follow the instructions.

Calls are recorded and you can view all previous call recordings by visiting the “Weekly App Coaching” section of the “Included Courses” tab on the bottom left.

Back in the Fast Track portal, you’ll also find the BONUS Tap To Shoot app template and the 250 page 5 Step App Program ebook that will walk you through the exact system we use at Bluecloud that has produced over 1,500 apps so far, and almost 16 million downloads.

And finally, you have access to the Bluecloud Team! Feel free to reachout to Bluecloud's Lead Developer and Community Manager, Mark Nagelmann. You can email him with any questions you have ([email protected]), or ping him on Facebook.

Between the weekly calls, our mastermind community, 250 page PDF, and our have access to all the resources and answers you need to succeed in the app business.

Everyone starts off where you are right now, but most new developers waste valuable time and resources trying to build their business by themselves the wrong way.

You're not alone. The Bluecloud team is here to guide you through the app process and help turn your idea into a reality.

Lets do this!