Learn How To Reduce App Install Costs & Create Higher ROI Ad Campaigns

Learn the techniques that have helped me buy app installs for as little as $0.15 each with Facebook Ads.

Learn Techniques To Create Low Cost, High ROI Facebook Ad Campaigns

What Would The Ability To Continually Drive Down Your Cost Per Install Do For Your App Business?

Do you want to start running Facebook App Install ads but are hesitant because you don't want to waste money?

Have you tried before but weren't happy with the results so you quit?

Or are you already running Facebook Ads but feel like everyone you talk to is seeing a way better CPI than you?

First of all, this is perfectly normal. I experienced all of this when I started buying installs for my apps, and pretty much every developer I've worked with has experienced it too.

I remember when I launched my first app. A lot of work went in to creating it and getting it ready for the App Store. When it finally went live I was constantly refreshing the stats page to see how many downloads it had. And I think I basically DOS'd the ad network's web servers because I was refreshing like crazy to see how much ad revenue I was earning!

And things were great for a few days. People were downloading my app and I was actually making some money. I couldn't wait to update my app and build some new ones!

But then the downloads all but stopped. Things went very quiet… And I didn't know how to fix it. The thing was, people liked the app. I received some great feedback and had a 4.5 star rating and positive reviews. I tried releasing updates, working on my ASO, but none of it had a significant impact on my download numbers.

I wanted to make the app better. I wanted to find out what people wanted & what they didn't want. I thought that if I could just get people to download it I would start to climb the charts and I'd get more visibility & more downloads. The problem was, without users I was stuck.

I felt helpless, like I had no control over the future of this app that I had built. It seemed like it didn't matter if it was good or not, because I just couldn't get it in front of people.

I persisted with updates, ASO, asking friends to review it, anything I could think of that might help. I had considered paid ads briefly but never seriously. I figured they were only for huge app companies like Rovio (they were the big dog in the App Store at the time).

Eventually I tried running some Facebook app install ads because they were brand new at the time and it seemed like everyone was talking about them. The results were ok, but I spent $500 pretty quickly and that didn't translate into anywhere near that amount in revenue. It felt like that was useless as well. I was all but ready to give up, and I just left it completely for a week or so.

But I couldn't get it out of my head. There had to be a way to fix this. I went back to running more Facebook ads. It was a steep learning curve, and I wasted a lot of money in the process, but in the end I started seeing some great results. And I also discovered a few things that changed the way I looked at paid installs. This new perspective changed my app business too.

You see, I worked out how to really lower my CPI. But I also discovered how to use this guaranteed, unlimited source of users to build better apps and climb the top charts whenever I felt the time was right. That's what makes paid user acquisition so powerful. It's like a tap that you can turn on and off whenever you like. Turn the tap on and you get as many users as you need, and then just turn it off whenever you are done.

For that app, I would turn the tap on to get a bunch of new users. Then I would go through the analytics and find out exactly what I needed to change in the app for my next update. I was making decisions based on data, not whatever popped in to my head. Once the updates were done, I'd turn the tap on and repeat the process again.

Each time I did this a few things happened:

1. I got better at running Facebook ads, so my CPI got lower.

2. The value of each user increased. The changes I made with each update meant users were spending more time in my app and more money on IAP's.

3. My app was collecting ratings & reviews.

4. I also got a little bump up the App Store charts each time I ran an ad campaign.

Once I moved past my initial perception of paid user acquisition everything changed. My belief that I should only spend money on ads if I am 100% certain I will make more money than I spend, was gone. I fact, now I believe that in most cases you need to spend money on ads to truly understand how you can get to that ROI positive position.

Since then I've tried lots of other services for buying app installs, but I keep coming back to Facebook App Install Ads.

Why I Choose Facebook Ads to Drive Low Cost App Installs & Engagement

It's simple. My testing shows that Facebook ads continue to provide the best performance for myself and my clients.

Here are a few reasons why it continues to outperform other channels:

  • The ability to target your audience is incredible. Because of the sheer volume of data Facebook has about everyone, you can really narrow down your audience to just the people who want and need your app.
  • You end up with users who spend more money. I've run case studies where users acquired through Facebook ads spend 4x more on IAP's than organic downloads!
  • They are cheap. The industry average Cost-Per Install is over $2. By the time you finish this course you will know the techniques I use to drive installs for much less. Using the techniques that I teach in the course I'm able to purchase installs for less than $0.30 each in the USA. (Note, while I achieved these results they are not typical. Due to the sheer number of variables involved in buying app installs it is impossible to promise you will achieve the same results).
  • It's easy to stand out IF you know what you are doing. The thing with Facebook App Install Campaigns is that Facebook provides a nice, simple UI that anyone can use. That means that there are lots of people creating ad campaigns with little to no knowledge about how to get the best performance. They end up wasting a ton of time and money while they wonder why everyone else is doing well. After you take this course you will have a significant advantage over all of these people and you will know exactly how to stand out from the crowd.

I Want You To Experience Similar Results With Your App Business

I've created the FB App Ad Accelerator program because I really do want you to experience similar results to mine. That's why this course is designed specifically for mobile app developers to help you create cheaper, more effective Facebook Ad campaigns.

Like any other market, a lot has changed with Facebook App Install Ads since I first started and it continues to change rapidly. It's now common knowledge that Facebook is an amazing source of app installs and the market is more crowded and competitive than ever. Developers are fighting for advertising space and the ones that know what they are doing are seeing amazing results. Unfortunately for the newcomers the learning curve is getting steeper and it's easy to pay too much for installs if you don't get every aspect of your campaigns just right.

Finding & targeting your audience, setting up the bidding options, creating ad images & copy, running proper tests, and understanding reports are all crucial elements of a successful campaign. In this course I break down each element and teach you how to master them one by one.

Once You've Completed This Course

  • You will know how to identify your perfect target audience, even before you launch!
    • I'll show you the free tool you can use to spy on your competitors audience and use that information for your own ad targeting.

  • Understand the Facebook ad targeting techniques that can help drive your cost-per-install through the floor.
    • Targeting is the best way to lower your costs, and I share my best tips, tricks & tactics with you.
    • Learn how to use the incredible amount of data that Facebook has to your advantage.
    • Target users who will actually spend money!

  • Be able to create Facebook ads that people will actually want to click on. From creating the images, to writing the copy, to the often overlooked tactics that will give your ads an edge over the competition. It's all covered!
    • You will be amazed at how subtle changes to your images can impact on the performance of an ad campaign.
    • Learn how to write copy that persuades users to click on your ads.
    • Analyse how app companies with huge marketing budgets create better ads.

  • Know which metrics matter most and how to use reports to continue to optimize your campaigns.
    • You can't just set and forget a Facebook Ad Campaign. I'll show you how to understand the reports so you can continue to drive costs down.
    • See how to identify where your campaigns are failing and how to fix them.

It really is everything you need to get avoid the headaches & steep (expensive) learning curve when it comes to running Facebook App Install Ads.

This course is packed with value! Here's what you get:

1. The full video course. Over 20 videos jam-packed with easy to understand, actionable content!

2. Cheat sheets for each module that you can print out and have ready to use whenever you are setting up Facebook ads. These are an awesome quick-reference to make sure you are creating the best campaigns possible without having to review the videos every time.

3. Bonus videos designed to save you money by showing you things like just how easy it is to integrate the Facebook SDK and set up a new app in Facebook. Don't let developers overcharge you for this work. With these videos you can see exactly how long it takes and what's required so you know how much a professional should be charging.

4. My entire Facebook Ad swipe file. This contains HUNDREDS of Facebook ads that I've collected from the news feed for you to use as inspiration. These are so handy when it comes to finding amazing new techniques that the big studios are using to drive more installs with their ads. It also includes video ads!

5. Continuous FREE updates! Facebook seems to change every week, and I'll be updating the course continually to reflect these changes so that you always have the most up to date information. Every update will always be free.

What Students Are Saying:

""Andrew Hubbard's Facebook App Ad Accelerator Course allowed me to go through the initial steep learning curve in half the time. And ultimately be smarter about doing successful FB ad campaigns." "

- Ted Cheron, Founder, Top Dog Best Games, LLC

""Thanks @A_Hubbard for the great FB App Install course!""

- Herdjie Zhou, Founder, Lucky Cat Studios

“Great content about FB ads for app developers”

- Ob Oberon, Founder, Dev Design Corner Co.,Ltd.

Still Not Convinced?

Are You Ready To Run Paid Advertising For Your Apps?

In case you're just not sure if you're ready to use App Install Ads or you aren't sure if they will work for your app, I want to show you how I've used ads to help app businesses.

  • To boost an app launch. When an app is first launched it gets a ranking boost from the app store. Running a short ad campaign is an amazing way to leverage that launch boost and really push your app up the charts.
  • To collect analytics data. As I mentioned earlier, data is the key to building a profitable app business. Buying installs with Facebook lets you get the users you need to start collecting that data.
  • Storm the charts! A well planned, well executed burst campaign can really rocket your app up the charts. And once you're up there you get the benefit of lots of free organic downloads rolling in.
  • Soft launching an app. Sometimes apps will launch in a smaller country to test everything before launching in their main market. A targeted Facebook ad campaign is a great way to drive downloads from a specific country to make a soft launch successful.
  • And of course, generate positive ROI. This one is my favourite, and its the end goal for a lot of developers I work with. Very rarely is a developers first ad campaign ROI positive, but once you get there it's just a matter of buying installs and knowing you will turn a profit from them.

And this can apply to all sorts of apps! I've run successful campaigns for games, utilities, travel apps, kids apps, educational apps, content based apps, music... Basically everything you can think of!

That's the power of Facebook ad targeting. You can be sure that out there on Facebook there are people who want your app. It's just a matter of finding them and putting your ads in front of them.

I'm so confident that this course will provide you with huge value that there's a 30-day money back guarantee to make it totally risk-free.

Ready to get started? Head back up to the top of the page and enrol today!

** Please note Andrew Hubbard is not linked to or affiliated with Facebook Inc. The FB App Ad Accelerator is not in any way supported or endorsed by Facebook Inc. This page is not part of the Facebook website. Individual results will vary and while the quality of the content is guaranteed, there is no guarantee that you will achieve any specific performance goals from your own advertising efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I expect to see the same results as you?

The results and examples on this page are not typical and there is no guarantee or implication that you will achieve a similar outcome. I will show you how I achieved these results, but because I have no control over what you do or how you do it, I cannot say that you will achieve similar results. There are also other factors that will influence app install costs that are not covered by this course. These include (but are not limited to) app icon, screenshots, description, quality of the app itself & market for the app.

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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Andrew Hubbard

Hey! I'm Andrew, Facebook ad consultant and founder of andrewhubbard.co.

After getting started with Facebook advertising 2012 and creating a profitable business using them, I left my corporate job as a Business Analyst to focus on it full time.

The thing that changed everything for me was when I reached a point where I could buy app installs for less than I would make from each new user. That's when it got really interesting!

After working with other developers to help them build and manage successful Facebook ad campaigns I wanted to reach even more people. That's why I've developed my course, to help teach you what I've learned about Facebook advertising for mobile apps.

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